Welcome to Gear Change Tokai

We’re extremely excited to bring the full Gear Change experience to Tokai with the opening of our second store. If you’re looking for advice, a cool bicycle or just want to hang out, pop in and say hi!

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Shift Your
with Gear Change

Shift Your
with Gear Change

Shift Your
with Gear Change

Gear Change

When you combine the pull-up power of an Olympic professional rider with the push-down force of a technical mechanic wizard, you get Gear Change – South Africa’s ultimate bicycle store.

Our advanced bike fit studio, 24-hour turn around workshop and store are all designed to get any cyclist ready for race day, smashing PBs.

Having raced at every level imaginable, the two founders of Gear Change are driven by an intense passion for the sport. It’s this deep understanding and love of two wheels that makes Gear Change more than a bike store. We’re our customers’ coach and pit crew, getting you on the right bike so you can crush the climbs and dominate the descents.

Founded on Passion

Founded by David George and Justin Tuck in 2012, Gear Change leads the bunch.


David is a former professional cyclist who rode with Lance Armstrong in the US Postal Service Team, competed in 3 Olympic Games for South Africa and is the proud winner of CommonWealth medals.

His partner, Justin, is a former diesel mechanic turned renowned bike mechanic. While fluent in all things mechanical, Justin also cycles competitively and together with David has achieved podium finishes in some of the SA’s most gruelling races.

What makes Gear Change outpace the competition is their combined expertise. Together, they are one formidable team. They understand life behind bars.

Bike Fit for a King

On the road or the trails, it’s just you and the bike. The geometry of the bike with your physique and how you integrate as one is the difference between leading or dropping behind the pack.

The Bike Fit Studio at Gear Change uses the very best technology in tandem with David’s experience and international accreditation to achieve the perfect split of man and machine. Every cyclist, no matter the level, will reap the benefits of a perfect fit not only in performance but also to avoid stress on the saddle or after a day out on the bike.

Your One Stop Workshop

Gear Change boasts its own fully-stocked on-site workshop to get your two wheels ready for the starting line.

We treat every bike as if it was our ride and every rider as if they were a teammate. Our professional team are hands-on, with great attention to detail, allowing you to give it your all when you’re on the road. Drop your bike off today and we’ll turn it around in under 24 hours with no compromises and no booking required.

Bikes Backed by the Professionals

Our range of high-performance bikes is designed to take you further.

As a team of professional cyclists, we only ride what we love and at Gear Change we only sell what we’d ride. So you can be sure that whatever machine you choose from our showroom floor is the right bike for you, backed by industry-leading service and technical know-how from years of podium finishes. We are the preferred supplier of Trek bicycles and Bontrager gear, some of the world’s best cycling brands. We’re also proud to include a professional bike fit and first service on us, for free, for every bike we sell.

What Our Customers have to Say

Amazing guys. Made a plan to fix my ‘girl’ at short notice. Was able to ride over the weekend. Even better to bump into them on the trails the next day. 100% recommend them.

– Ian Thomson

Awesome dedicated people who love what they do and it shows. Thanks for the great experience. I’ll be back

– Jaques Brummer

The guys at the shop are awesome. 2 Trek bikes later, I am a loyal customer. Extended help from all the team makes this the only bike shop worth going to in Cape town. Thank you.

– Matt Pollock