Shift Your
with Gear Change

Shift Your
with Gear Change

Our Bike Fit Studio

David and the Gear Change team have employed the world’s best technology. Our advanced fit system allows you to achieve a seamless blend of man and machine.

We use cutting edge high-speed motion cameras that capture each pedal and comprehensive biomechanics for detailed analysis. Our 100% Dynamic Fit allows us to try hundreds of positions quickly without getting off the bike. And, our Gebiomized saddle pressure pad lets us test the pressure on the saddles to find a comfortable cushion for your ride.


The Gear Change Process:

1. Interview and assessment

First, David will sit down with you to fully understand your goals and needs as a cyclist. Before you get on the bike, he will assess your range of motion and flexibility too. Often it’s not what you want, but what you need, and David is the man for this job.

2. Saddle optimisation

Then we do saddle selection, which is fine-tuned through a series of incremental adjustments to create your ideal biomechanical alignment.

3. On-bike optimisation

This is where your fit takes its final form, with proper stem height and reach with handlebar shape and width to optimise your posture and power. All these small adjustments get your bike fitting seamlessly, allowing you to attack the climbs.

4. Shoe setup

It’s easy to overlook cleat set-up, but get it wrong and the mistake will travel all the way up to the knee and the hip. Ideal cleat set-up will vary between individuals and our team will get you positioned correctly in no time.

Which bike fit is best for you?

We have 4 types of bike fits to help problem solve the individual needs of all types of cyclists.

Global Fit

This fit is for anyone and everyone who wants to get comfortable & confident on their ride. It’s a high tech fit that includes:

  • Saddle pressure mapping
  • Motion capturing
  • Saddle height
  • Layback
  • Reach
  • Cleat position
  • Saddle selection from our world-class range of saddles that we ride ourselves

Time frame: 90mins

Price: R1500

Full Fit

Best fit for performance athletes, elite athletes, intermediate athletes and age groupers. We will drill down into the details to achieve the best fit for your best performance. Athletes count on our expertise and experience in understanding and problem-solving biomechanical issues toward fine-tuning your fit.

We access Leomo Performance Fit technology, the leading fit technology which measures aerodynamic and riding efficiencies.

Time frame: 3 hours (morning or afternoon sessions)

Price: R2500

Problem Solving Fit

This is our Full fit for any level athlete that requires a deep understanding of an underlying ache, pain or problem. We apply all our expertise to achieve the best outcome specific to you.

Time frame: 3 hours

Price: R2500

Triathlon (Ironman) Fit

This is a Full Fit specifically designed to handle the complexities of the triathlon sport. The fit process itself is complex with more metrics to fine-tune in order to achieve your best TT position.

Time frame: 3 hours

Price: R2500


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