Issue: Trying To Pump Your Wheel But You Can’t Get Air Inside?

if this is the case, the valve core of your wheel is probably sticky. Today our co-founder Justin Tuck gives us a quick lesson on how to clean a sticky valve core.

Video Transcription

Here’s a lockdown lesson for you: Have you ever wanted to pump your wheel just before a ride and you can’t get air in or out of the wheel? It probably means that your valve core is sticky. It’s probably filled with sealant, so what you need to do is replace this valve core.

How to replace the valve core of your bicycle wheel

It’s really simple to do. You can do it on your bike, you don’t have to remove your wheel.

  1. You simply need to unscrew the valve core as shown in the video (you can use pliers or you can buy a valve core tool from Gear Change).
  2. As you unscrew the valve core and remove it, you must block the hole, upon removal, with your finger so you don’t lose too much air (the removed valve core is filled with sealant and needs to be thrown away).
  3. This will need to be replaced with a new one and this is done by putting it into the hole and screw it in (finger tight is fine).

Now you have a working valve core that you can use to inflate or deflate your tyre to whatever pressure you want and go riding.

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