Before you can hit a proper mountain biking trail, you need to make sure you have working and practical knowledge of handling all the different challenges you’ll face. Basically, you need to be equipped with MTB skills. Mountain biking is a lot more complex than road riding, and we can’t stress enough how dangerous it is to tackle a challenging trail when you have no idea what you are doing.

If you are an experienced MTB rider, you know exactly what we are referring to. And if you are a novice, we urge you to take this warning seriously. Fortunately, there are several great spots in and around Cape Town where beginners of all ages can practice their MTB skills in a safe environment. Some of these facilities even have coaches on-site; you can book some time to get one-on-one skills training.

MTB Trails For Novices & Kids

If you are looking to work on your mountain biking skills with a minimum risk factor, we recommend you head down to these bike parks and level up your skills.

Here you can learn how to deal with:

  • A-frames,
  • Berms,
  • Drop-offs,
  • See-saws
  • Board-walks & bridges
  • Improve overall balance and handling,
  • And tackle all types of MTB terrain.

We also stock a range of quality beginner mountain bikes for adults as well as starter, adventure and gravel MTB bikes for kids.

1. The Bike Park @ Constantia Uitsig, Constantia

Situated on the Constantia Uitsig Wine Farm, The Bike Park is the most centrally located beginner park in Cape Town. This park is suitable for all ages, from the 3-year-old kid on their balance bike looking to gain confidence to the more experienced adult rider looking to work on their mountain biking skills.
There are dedicated areas in The Bike Park to help you develop specific skills; here you can learn how to handle drop-offs, berms, A-frames, rock gardens, bridges, and jumps all in one lap. They also are a popular spot for biking birthday parties and events.

Entry Fees: R50. Free For spectators.

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2. Bloemendal Trail Park @ Bloemendal Wine Estate, Durbanville

Bloemendal Trail Park is located in the Bloemendal Wine Estate, Durbanville. The trail park is home to a mountain biking cycle track and also has facilities for bike hire, bike fitments and biking events for all ages and levels. The park’s lower section is ideal for younger riders aged 4 to 8 to work on their singletrack skills. There is also a Y-bike trail which is perfect for kids with balance bikes. A variety of intermediate and advanced MTB trails can also be found on the estate, making Bloemdal the ideal setting for the whole family.

Entry Fees: R30 children 18 and under. R50 for adults

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3. Hazendal Family Bike Park and Trail @ Hazendal Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

Hazendal Bike park has a track to suit riders of all ages and skills levels. There are various trails designed for beginners and children to gain confidence and improve their skills, balance and handling. Here you can learn how to ride berms, drop-offs, see-saws and board-walks in a safe, family-friendly environment. Little kids can tackle the Y-bike (balance bike) trail or try out the kiddies skills trail circuit.

Entry Fees: R50

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4. Southey Vines Bike Park in Somerset West

Southey Vines loop is one of many trails initiated by the Wannabees Cycling Club who wanted to give the community access to safe, fun and, more importantly, free mountain biking trails. The park consists of about 3.2km trails and is free to use.

Entry Fees: Free

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5. Coffeeworks Kids Bike Park and Cafe, Stellenbosch

This one is just for the little kids and the perfect setting for parents who want to have a timeout while the kids are going crazy. Coffeeworks in Stellenbosch serves killer coffee and is bursting with cool vibes. The enclosed play area features an excellent mini-bike track for little riders, guaranteed to keep their heads spinning while mom and dad are grabbing a bite to eat.

Entry Fees: Free

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Have Anything To Add To The List?

That’s it for our list of top recommended bike parks for MTB novices. If you have anything to add to the list, comment below or contact us here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the trails,

Team Gear Change